Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare


Plants vs zombies is game were you are either a plant or a zombie and you fight the other team.


In plants vs zombies there are different game modes

  • Gardens and graveyards (plants defend a garden while zombies attack)
  • Garden vanquishes (plants and zombies fight and k’o each other and try to get 50 vanquishes)
  • Gnome bomb (plants and zombies try to get the bomb and blow up each others base)
  • Welcome Mat (is a random game mode)



Sticker packs are something you can by and collect character stickers to unlock characters you can also get potted  plants and zombie minions they can help you in the battle . The different characters are


  • Peashooter (fires peas)
  • Chomper (munches zombies)
  • Sunflower (shoots seeds)
  • Cactus (shoots spikes)


  • Foot solder (shoots bullets)
  • Scientist (shoots chemicals)
  • Mechanic (shoots lager bullets)
  • All star (shoots rugby balls)

Author: henry

Gamer, builder, Youtuber, likes Minecraft, Terraria, PvZ, Kapla and Lego